Huge DigiClock, display always on, with a simple and clean design

Huge digital clock, the biggest! It reproduces the fabulous display of a digital clock. The display is always on. The design is customizable.


  • It shows an extra-large digital clock

  • It can show the day of the week

  • It can show the calendar date

  • Clock color is adjustable

  • Clock font is settable

  • Clock format can be set to h24 or h12 and is automatically detected at the first launch

  • Works in landscape and in portrait mode. The orientation can also be detected automatically

  • The status bar can be hidden

It is possible to use Huge Digital Clock as screensaver, to automatically start the app when the phone is charging. It is necessary that your phone is compatible.

It is possible to configure the screensaver from the setting of the app, or following this procedure:

  • Open Settings

  • Tap Display

  • Tap Screensaver to see a list of available apps

  • Select Huge Digital Clock as screensaver

During the screensaver of Huge Digital Clock, it is possible to set the brightness of the screen using a dedicated icon

it is possible to set an alarm. The alarm works also with the clock in background or with the phone locked.

Huge Digital Clock works on every screen, including tablets.

If you decide to use this clock during the night, since the monitor is always on, it is better to keep the device in charge. The luminosity can be decreased through the “Night mode”.

Extra fetaures of the Pro version:

  • A widget for the home screen is available

  • Ad-free

  • You can set the luminosity for the night mode

  • The battery status can be shown

  • The clock size can be adjusted

  • You can view the day of the week in full

Video – Huge Digital Clock

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